Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organic Girl Giveaway

So in my quest to find a way to get a Dyson, I stumbled across the Organic Girl Blog. She is giving away a Dyson Animal DC 25:


Not only have I discovered a great contest, I've found a new blog to read. The problem is that I tend to spend more time reading blogs and ignore writing on my own.

But back to the Dyson. There is a great review on the Dyson and you can read all about it on the link above or go to the Dyson site and drool over the other vacuums there:

This is THE cadillac of all vacuums in my opinion. Everyone who has one raves about it. AND I WANT ONE. With pets in my house I have a vision of a clean house once again. Chinchilla dust will disappear, aspen shavings will no longer catch on my socks AND not to mention, the dog and cat hair will disappear.

Is it pathetic to want a vacuum more than any other tech toy out there? Ipad vs Dyson? I know what I would pick! Dyson. If I don't win this, well I can only hope that the people at Dyson will let me test one and see who would win the battle: chinchilla dust or Dyson.

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