Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meet the Chins

So I thought I should introduce my fur kids.  I do have to get some new pics of them. Actually I just need a new camera!  So without further ado:


Loki is a standard chinchilla.  I adopted Loki from a Chinchilla rescue near my home. She was thought to be between 3-5 years so she may be 8 now.  When I adopted her, she had a cagemate who had to be put down due to cancer.  So she's in a HUGE cage all by herself as she HATES other chinchillas.  I really wish she didn't hate them so much because I think she would enjoy having a cagemate again. 

Loki is a hands off chin and doesn't like to be handled.  I can give her scritches under her chin but she kacks at me and lets me know she's had enough. 

She loves sleeping in her hammock, fleece tube and her hidey house.  Her favourite treat is cheerios but she'll gladly take oats, rosehips and apple pomace. 


Hera is a mosaic chinchilla.  I saw her on kijiji and fell in love with her on sight.  She was said to be 2 years old and had been bred but her cagemate had died. 

Hera is my neat freak chinchilla.  She keeps her cage very neat and tidy only pees in one corner.  She sleeps on a daybed and is always looking for attention.  Hera barks a lot.  And by a lot, I mean A LOT! I think it was probably the reason her previous owners got rid of her. 

Hera loves anyone that comes by her cage and will reach out with her paws to try and get them to notice her. 

Hera also loves other chinchillas.  I had tried to pair her up with another chinchilla but the other chinchilla bit Hera and I haven't had the guts to try another intro. 


Athena was the youngest chinchilla I ever adopted. She is a standard chinchilla.   She was 6 or 7 weeks and the previous owners had her a day when they decided to get rid of her.  Their dog was going nuts and the baby chinchilla was "going crazy".

They dropped her off in a box and I gladly took her in. During her first day with me, she managed to get out of her cage since she was so small.  She ended up under my bed with my cat.  Luckily, my cat is not the type to kill small creatures and the chinchilla was fine. 

Athena loves her fleece tube and her hammock.  She doesn't like other chinchillas at all and was the chinchilla that bit Hera when I tried to introduce them.  So she will be on her own.  Athena is still my baby but she is the biggest of all my chinchillas.  She's over 800grams. 


Pandora was just over a year old when she came into my home.  She is a brown velvet chinchilla.  She is a lot cuter than any picture I have of her.  She just doesn't take good pics! 

Pandora belonged to a young man who went off to college.  His roomie was allergic to the dust and shavings and he had to send her back home.  The problem was that his mom had a job where she travelled and Pandora was left home alone a lot. 

I decided to take her in and give her a new home with me and the rest of the chinchillas. 

Pandora is the easiest going chinchilla I own.  I can take her out and she'll gladly be handled.  She loves the attention and is always happy to come out and play.  Pandora loves her fiddlestick house and to sit on top of her fleece tube.  She doesn't bark or kack but she does pee all over her shelves.  I would love to pair her with Hera but since Hera is a neat freak I wouldn't want the to pair her up with Pandora, the dirty girl.


Calypso came to me when she was 5 months old. She is standard chinchilla.  Hers is the saddest tale that I have.  She was given away in a "free to good home ad".  I'm not sure how long her previous owners had her but everything that came with her was brand new.  I think it must have only been days or weeks.

Without saying too much, I have a thought that Calypso was abused or terrorized.  She has a lot of issues and I truly think that some terrible things happened to her. 

She is a total HANDS OFF chinchilla.  Even though I adopted her when she was still a baby and have spent a lot of time with her, she has serious issues.  She not only kacks but she gives serious warning cries and will stand ready to spray you.  I haven't been sprayed yet, by any of my chinchillas, but one day I suspect Calypso will get me. She doesn't like other chinchillas and hates other animals.  If my cat is near the doorway or the dog she goes crazy.  


Cassiopeia is a mosaic chinchilla and was just around one year when I adopted her.  She was living with a mom and daughter who just wanted to rehome her.

Cassiopeia loves to sleep on top of her tube and run on her flying saucer.  She seems to enjoy other chinchillas nearby but I'm keeping her on her own.  She loves cheerios more than any other treat and begs for more. 

She destroys toys within hours and is working at eating her daybed. Cassiopeia is one of the prettiest chinchillas I have and she has lots of expressions on her face. 

She doesn't like to be handled too much but loves scritches.


Freya is a hetero beige chinchilla.  She was to have been over a year when I adopted her but I think she may have been under a year.

Freya hates to be touched.  If I touch her, first she will try to bite me and then she will clean off where I touched her.  She is a total, hands off chinchilla. 

She loves to sleep in her tube and hammock.  She also loves her chin spin and spends a lot of time running on her wheel.  She is also a brat for taking her food bowl off the cage and dumping her pellets. 

Her favourite treat seems to be oats and she loves the days when I hand those out. 

Hopefully with time she will let me handle her more but for now I will let her be. 

Nemesis is my newest chinchilla.  She is a black velvet and is 4 months old.  Her previous owner bought her at a pet store and then within a week her mother's allergies were too much. 

I had always wanted a black velvet and it seemed like fate when she came up on kijiji needing a home.  I'm hoping to pair her with Hera.  I think Hera really would like to have a friend with her and she calls out to the other chinchillas. 

So far Nemisis is settling in nicely.  She loves her hammock and I have to make her a tube.  Hopefully, she'll enjoy her new home and meeting all the chinchillas. 

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