Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dyson Giveawy on Northern Mama

So I've been drooling over dyson vaccums for some time now and I found a blog giving one away. Myself and hundreds of others are now posting like mad hoping that one of us will be the lucky one to win this creme de la creme piece of machinery. It's kinda funny when you do think about it that all of these people are HOPING to win this so we can CLEAN! It would be wonderful to own one of those vaccums. It's the cadillac of all vaccums. Maybe even the type of machine that would get the men out to use it. So go ahead and check out the entries and try your hand at winning a Dyson!

Lemmings Update

So the last I wrote I had received my lemmings and they were settling in. I had to get them each a wheel as sharing wasn't working for them.

Their diet is constantly being tweeked and I am still not happy with it. I have one Lemming that is HUGE! An obese lemming! So I am trying to change their diet again.

Overall I love the little guys but NOT a good pet for kids! They would be super bored and the lemmings only come above ground near midnight.