Monday, March 8, 2010

Chinchilla Addiction

So when I first decided to get a chinchilla the first thing I did was read any website I could with information. I learned the best food, the best treats, the best toys, the best cage and the best type of everything a chin could ever need.

I spent months reading about everything that was chinchilla related. I found a local chinchilla rescue and found the two chinchillas I wanted to bring home. So off I went and adopted my first pair.

What none of the sites warned about was: chinchilla addiction. These small animals can make a person want more and more of them. I fell in love with my chinchillas and within a couple of months went out and got another one. I was up to 3 chinchillas and when I was on another site and saw a baby chin was available I decided 4 chinchillas wasn't much different than 3.

It wasn't long before another chinchilla needed a home and I had her come into my home. Then number 6 was another sad tale and she joined my growing fur crew.

I then had one chinchilla develop cancer and she had to be put down. I was down to 5 and I told myself that 5 was a good number. Another ad came up and this chinchilla just was so beautiful and needed a home so number 6 came.

I stayed with 6 and told myself, no more. It's not that I can't care for them as they all have huge cages and the best treats, food and toys they have ever had. I told myself that I didn't want to have too many and have the label of "animal hoarder".

But alas, number 7 soon appeared in my home. She was young and unwanted and I let myself be swayed. I have no control when it comes to these small balls of fur.

Number 8 has just arrived. A small baby chinchilla that they had less than a week. She's a sweetheart and settling in.

Now you think 8 is plenty and where could I have room for more. Well I received a plea from someone to help her out. She needs to rehome some chins, so I have said 2 can come stay. I'll be up to 10 and THAT IS ALL! No more. Even if it rains chinchillas. It's way more than I need.

SO a warning to all that want a chinchilla: be prepared that once you have one, you will always want more!

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