Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nintendo DS

Well I was nice and gave my DS away to my niece (it was actually my brother in law who I gave it to but he gave it to her). So I really need another DS so I found this great giveaway:

IT's green!!! THE DS comes in a bundle with a stylish carrying case and a copy of Personal Trainer Cookings video game - which is an interactive cooking coach that includes more than 245 recipes from around with world.

I need help like that!!! Enter by tonight, May 31st!


One project closer is giveing away a great combo kit. A SKIL Lithium Ion Drill/Driver and SKILSAW worth $199!! Enter by 11:59 tonight, May 31st.

I could use those tools myself. I need to make the chins new shelves!!!

Sunday May 31st

So I've decided to blog. Like I don't have enough things to do but here I go.

I've been working on orders for the chinchilla supply store all weekend. I seem to put a ton of work into it and don't really get much in the way of money out of it. I do get to talk with tons of chinchilla obesessed people. Such as myself.

It's hard to say why I have fallen in love with the little furballs. They are cute as can be but they aren't the snuggle up and be mushy kind of pet. They need a lot of specialized care and remind of that movie gremlins.

Don't get them wet.
Don't get them hot.
Make sure they have filtered water.
Make sure they have fresh hay.
Don't let them have a ball of death.
Don't let them have anything plastic.

and so on and so on.

Regardless, I love having them. I would love to have more of them too. I tend to take in the unwanted chins. Chinchillas that someone bought but them either lost interest or just don't don't want them anymore. I'm sure a lot of people get them as an impulse at a pet store. Pet stores don't tell you all their special care. Being so cute I think a lot of people expect them to cuddle with their owner.

What they don't tell you is that besides that list, girl chinchillas will and can spray. Boy chinchillas need a hair ring check (you must check that there is no hair on their penis) monthly.

Chinchillas also should have a large cage. I'm sure lots of chins live for years in small cages but since the cage is their home and their entire world I feel the bigger the better. I have spent a ton of money on my cages and the items in them but it is worth it to me.

Lord knows how much in total I've spent on them but I will continue to spend on them. Funny how they have turned me into such a chinchilla lover.